Automation / Concepts of the NEC for Florida Engineering Society


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Join us with the Florida Engineering Society for your continuing education credits:

August 28: West Palm Beach

August 30: Miami

September 11: Orlando

September 13: Tampa

We'll be speaking about:

First Session: Automation, Cloud and Real Time: Technology for Electrical Engineering

Second Session: Conceptualizing the NEC: Translation to Code

Initially, we'll discuss how automation with 7 +million calculations makes electrical engineering easier, faster, smarter and greener. You'll even get to see the first automatic, graphic and real time 1 Line Diagram.

Then, we'll turn to the NEC for a discussion of how it is organized...the concepts behind the PowerCalc software. This includes a discussion of the NEC's dual purposes of safety and cost/resource effective design.

For engineers who design facilities, we promise a compelling discussion. Hope to meet our colleagues, and will work on a video to share with those who cannot attend.

The Florida Engineering Society has put together an incredible program. Mark your calendar! 

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About The Author

James Khalil, P.E. is President, Co-founder and Inventor of PowerCalc. He has 30+ years of experience at his MEP firm in Delray Beach, FL and with Carter Burgess (now Jacobs) in Fort Worth, TX; Mason & Hanger (now Zimmerman) in Lexington, KY; and Gee & Jenson (now CH2M) in West Palm Beach, FL. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. His experience includes projects for Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the US Departments of Energy, State, and Defense; and universities, schools, health facilities, and arts centers.