Recently, James Khalil, PE inventor of PowerCalc reached out to 300,000 listeners on ElectricianLIVE.  

Paul Abernathy runs the podcast and is a recognized expert and educator on the National Electrical Code (NEC). You can replay / listen now  at  ElectricianLIVE or Master the NEC.

On the podcast, James answers the following questions:

          What is PowerCalc?

          How does PowerCalc comply with the NEC?

          Tell me about how you put together PowerCalc's data base?

          Tell me about PowerCalc's 1 Line Diagram...how is it generated?

You will hear all the details on how PowerCalc's  database was written to provide fully populated NEC lookup tables, instantaneous updates for changes in your design and project, and its  automatic and simultaneously generated 1 Line Diagram. 

What's Next?

Past accomplishments are great, but PowerCalc's innovations are ongoing. On ElectricianLIVE, James will announce the launch of PowerCalc's new Industrial / Manufacturing Package.

This adds even more "firsts" to PowerCalc's long list of innovations: design of Automatic Transfer Switches with Generators (ATSs); Motor Control Centers (MCCs); Doubled Ended Switchgears; and Unit Substations. Expected release date is late March, and we are excited to tell you all about it.

And remember, we have a free demonstration  on the first Friday of each month. Next huddle: Friday, March 6 at 12 noon EST Mark your calendar!

Thank you for your support!

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About The Author

James Khalil, P.E. is President, Co-founder and Inventor of PowerCalc. He has 30+ years of experience at his MEP firm in Delray Beach, FL and with Carter Burgess (now Jacobs) in Fort Worth, TX; Mason & Hanger (now Zimmerman) in Lexington, KY; and Gee & Jenson (now CH2M) in West Palm Beach, FL. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. His experience includes projects for Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the US Departments of Energy, State, and Defense; and universities, schools, health facilities, and arts centers.