Jupiter Farms Elementary School, Video 1 - Site Survey: Renovation Project


Dear Colleague:

Check out how PowerCalc is used in the field to document existing conditions related to the upgrade of the mechanical systems at Jupiter Farms Elementary School in Palm Beach Co., FL. 

James Khalil and Kiu Sam, both PEs, walk the facility mapping the existing electrical equipment in the school's power distribution system. This initial survey allows for verification and mapping of the electrical equipment which will then be the baseline for designing any electrical upgrade required to support the project.

We'll follow up on this initial survey in future videos. You'll see for yourself how to use PowerCalc for renovation.

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About The Author

James Khalil, P.E. is President, Co-founder and Inventor of PowerCalc. He has 30+ years of experience at his MEP firm in Delray Beach, FL and with Carter Burgess (now Jacobs) in Fort Worth, TX; Mason & Hanger (now Zimmerman) in Lexington, KY; and Gee & Jenson (now CH2M) in West Palm Beach, FL. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. His experience includes projects for Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the US Departments of Energy, State, and Defense; and universities, schools, health facilities, and arts centers.