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 Dear Colleague,

Thanks to all for your positive response on our 1 LIne Diagram: the 1st  ever automatic, graphic and simultaneously generated 1 Line Diagram. You talked, we listened...and the result is the one and only real time 1 Line Diagram on the planet.

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What's happened:     

2/15/2018:  Deep Dive on Real Time 1 Line Diagram See video

2/22/2018:  Overview PowerCalc, 1 Line, Voltage Drop, Fault Current & AIC See video


What's to come:

    3/8/2018:    Deep Dive on Voltage Drop

    3/15/2018:  Deep Dive on Fault Current Calculation

    3/22/2018:  Deep Dive on AIC Ratings

    3/29/2018:  Roundup: PowerCalc, 1 LIne, Voltage Drop, Fault Current and AIC

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"I started using PowerCalc not long ago and I'm not very computer savvy. It is really amazing how simple PowerCalc is to use and how user friendly. I just got my first set of drawings back from the Seattle Building Department with zero corrections / comments...it was great. I would recommend PowerCalc to anyone." 

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PowerCalc is patented software that calculates all the values for the 1 Line Diagram with 7+ million equations. Your power distribution design is fully integrated and now visual  with software that saves you time and money. PowerCalc will change the way you do electrical engineering, it is  an incredibly powerful tool that's unexpectedly easy to use.
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About The Author

James Khalil, P.E. is President, Co-founder and Inventor of PowerCalc. He has 30+ years of experience at his MEP firm in Delray Beach, FL and with Carter Burgess (now Jacobs) in Fort Worth, TX; Mason & Hanger (now Zimmerman) in Lexington, KY; and Gee & Jenson (now CH2M) in West Palm Beach, FL. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. His experience includes projects for Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the US Departments of Energy, State, and Defense; and universities, schools, health facilities, and arts centers.